Tip #74: Improve your Presentation


Top Tips for App Developers: Presentation

Here at ORCHA, we’re continuously testing and questioning apps, on the lookout for apps which are safe, secure, easy to use and, most importantly, deliver real health outcomes. We look at 180 elements, to help give health professionals and consumers an informed choice on which health apps to choose.

To help app developers produce the best apps, we’re sharing tips from across the 180 important aspects, which together may help to set your app apart from the rest!


Tip #74: Improve your Presentation

Taken from measure 74 out of 180. Whilst reviewing apps we’re instantly drawn to the layout, not only how it appears on the surface but just how adaptable the features can be. During the initial set-up there are several things as an app developer you can do to aid to the process for those who may require additional support.

Taking poor sight as an example, you may wish to introduce different text sizes, font colours, and customised themes/backgrounds. Similarly, the implementation of voiceover functions, volume adjustments, subtitles, or integration of text to speech functionality, will be beneficial to individuals with hearing difficulties. #UnlockingThePowerOfDigitalHealth

Great example apps to be inspired by include: