ORCHA Co-Authors Mental Health Research Paper with the University of Cambridge

We are delighted to have co-authored a research paper, published in ‘Frontiers in Digital Health’, entitled: “Early warning signs of a mental health tsunami: A coordinated response to gather initial data insights from multiple digital services providers”.

ORCHA’s insights draw on our knowledge of how demand for digital health solutions for mental health has changed throughout the pandemic, as well as how such solutions can have a positive impact on mental health.

The study, led by Dr Becky Inkster from the University of Cambridge, shows that, for the first time ever, digital providers and experts from over 20 countries have gathered a staggering number of insights about mental health during the pandemic, from potentially upwards of 50 million users worldwide.

ORCHA’s Founding CEO, Liz Ashall-Payne, commented:

“At ORCHA, we’ve watched the use of mental health apps increase by over 200% during lockdown. This valuable Cambridge project shines a light on a crisis in the making and we must continue to collaborate to ensure citizens are supported in every way possible.”

Click here to read the University of Cambridge’s press release for more information on the research paper, and to access the publication in ‘Frontiers in Digital Health’, please click here.


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