An App Library is a place where you can find health or care apps and digital health products that can support you with your health and wellbeing. You can read detailed information about each app or digital health product, based on tests (assessments) carried out by ORCHA. 


Your healthcare provider or organisation can see everything in the App Library if they have a Pro Account and suggest or recommend an app for you. Or you can browse the App Library and select one or more apps for yourself. 


An App Library makes it easier to make sure you are downloading, or viewing the website of, the right app you want to use.  


We make every effort to make sure the App Library is up to date. To ensure this, all apps need to be assessed by ORCHA and updated at least once a year. 


Our ORCHA App Library is not part of the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Instead, the App Library helps direct you to the correct listing for an app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to make sure you only download the app you need. 

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