Digital health products to help the NHS catch up with routine health checks

Featured image: Doctor holding tablet computer reviews medical records with patient stock photo

Health checks are offered to eligible people once every five years and aim to prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease, and some cases of dementia among healthy adults aged 40 – 74 years.  The health checks focus on an earlier awareness, assessment, and management of six risk factors: blood pressure, cholesterol, physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption and body mass index.

With the majority of areas facing a backlog in these checks, Public Health England commissioned ORCHA to produce a report that identifies a series of digital health products which can safely and effectively assist healthcare professionals and patients with the NHS Health Check.

ORCHA noted that the NHS Health Check lends itself to some degree of digitisation, as the main elements of the check focus on data capture and analysis and the support of behavioural change by patients, all of which are common features in digital health tools.

Click here to receive the full report: Identification and Assessment of Digital Technologies to Assist with the NHS Health Check.