ORCHA Baseline Review (OBR)

How we assess health apps and digital health products, so you can safely recommend them

ORCHA Baseline Review

Our ORCHA Baseline Review (OBR) is a set of 350+ questions that we use to assess a health app or digital health product. We answer questions about its level of complexity, clinical or professional assurance, data and privacy, and usability and accessibility, based on global standards and regulations. 

At the end of an OBR assessment, we award a percentage score to the health app or digital health product. With a score over 65%, it can surface on our ORCHA professional platforms, such as our ORCHA Health App Library and Digital Health Formulary. 

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ORCHA assessor viewing the Review Engine on a desktop computer, with laptop open in front of him

Reassessments for quality assurance

We also reassess health apps and digital health products to ensure they are still safe to use. A reassessment occurs every time there is a change in standards and regulations, or if the health app (or digital health product) is updated by its creators.


Our ORCHA Health App Libraries, Digital Health Formularies and Digital Health Toolkits are professional platforms that you can use to care for patients and the public. And they only contain a collection of OBR assessed health apps and digital health products that continue to meet current standards and regulations, so you can safely recommend them.

Case study

How do health apps make a difference for people with diabetes?

The recommendation process was really helpful. I’ve gone from being in the prediabetic range and I’m now below the prediabetic range.  I went from being dubious to totally committed and I find it really useful now. Have a go with it, use it and you’ll learn from it

– David, National Diabetes Prevention Programme participant:

Preview of case study video: man walking down street smiling